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Filter Cleaning and Repair

Diatomaceous Earth/ Cartridge

Prevent pool algae buildup and DE "dirt" from blowing back into your pool by having your pool filter cleaned regularly. We can disassemble and clean your filter and check the filter grids for dry rot and breakage. Regular cleaning prevents stress and strain on expensive grids and strain on the filter itself. We can make sure that the pool filter lid is safely fastened so the top will not "blow off" when your filter is re-assembled and cause injury.  We will check the filter for cracks or internal damage to the parts from constant wear and use. We can install all types of grids to keep your filter in excellent condition. We make sure the band clamp is securely atttached and can replace the band clamp if needed. Frequent regular cleanings prevent damage to your filter. We recommend twice a year cleanings, but it is mandatory to have it cleaned once a year. Missing the cleanings will not save money in the long run, when expensive grids are damaged due to stress from a dirty filter.  When your filter finally wears out, we can recommend the very best type of filter to replace for your pool.  Fill out the service request and get your filter cleaned today. Get on a list for regular cleanings and take the worry from your pool filter maintainance..

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Oasis pool service
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